Магнитный контакт MK-2400-2, длина кабеля 20м, G2

Код товара: 217936
Артикул: SM:S54536-F102-A400

Магнитный контакт MK-2400-2, длина кабеля 20м, G2

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    1. Magnetic contacts - discreet, efficient protection for modern premises Alarm signalling and access control for doors, gates and windows www.siemens.com/securityproducts Answers for infrastructure
    2. MK-series magnetic contacts MK-series magnetic contacts are universally used in alarm signalling systems and security access control systems to protect doors, gates and windows against unauthorised opening. An extensive array of installation accessories permits the use of these contacts in almost any interior or exterior application. Function All magnetic contacts consist of two parts, i.e. the reed contact and a permanent magnet. They are mounted at a defined distance on the fixed and the movable parts of the object to be protected. The reed contact is held closed by the force field of the permanent magnet. If the distance between the reed contact and the magnet increases, the magnetic field becomes weaker in the reed contact and causes the reed contact to open and interrupt the electric circuit. The MK-4000 and MK-2000 series also include a type with a change-over contact and a high security version. Installation The installer should ensure that the air gap between the fixed and the moveable parts does not permit sabotage. The reed contact is mounted into the fixed part of the object to be protected, and the magnetic part is mounted into the moveable part of the object. Because of the very flexible connection cable to the contact, installation is easy, even if the cables have to be bent. For use in other materials or in locations where direct use of contacts and magnets is not possible, a plastic adapter set is available; the contact can be mounted to one side and the magnet to the other. Installation of MK2000 series The MK-2000 series has a self-cutting and self-locking thread, which permits direct sunk installation in wood and plastic objects without any additional accessories. Installation of MK4000 series The magnetic contacts of the MK-4000 Series are designed for installation on wooden or plastic frames of the objects to be protected.

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