Фонарь тестовый для извещателей пламени

Код товара: 217704
Артикул: SM:LE3

Фонарь тестовый для извещателей пламени

320 862 руб.

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    Для систем пожарной безопасности

     The LE3 test lamp is used for testing the operation of all flame detectors. It is supplied with all the necessary accessories in a suitable carrying case. The carrying
    case also provides a means of storing the test lamp free of dust.
     To aim the test lamp the built-in quartz halogen lamp generates a continuous beam
    of light which is then modulated to trigger alarm in the detector being tested. The
    light intensity can be adapted according to the distance at which the test takes
     Power is supplied by rechargeable battery. As light color depends on the charged
    condition of the battery it must be continuously charged in floating operation. A special charging unit is available for this purpose.

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