Код товара: 218178
Артикул: SM:5WG1143-1AB01


39 713 руб.

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    BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC) as Gateway between KNX TP and BACnet IP
    Up to 250 BACnet objects
    Up to 455 BACnet COV subscriptions
    Automatic translation of KNX communication objects into BACnet objects according to the configuration with ETS
    For communication between KNX EIB devices and PCs or other devices with Ethernet (10BaseT) interface, as well as in conjunction with a LAN modem or DSL router for remote access to an KNX EIB installation
    For use as an interface e.g. for ETS3 or for visualization software
    Use the KNXnet/IP protocol
    KNXnet/IP Tunneling connection for parallel bus access by ETS and further PC software
    ObjectServer connection for visualization via network connections with long signal transmission duration
    Assignment of the network parameters by the installer using ETS, or automatically by a DHCP server in the network
    2 LEDs for display of operational availability and IP communication
    Additional power supply by an external safety extra low voltage power supply for AC/DC 24 V, 40 mA
    Pluggable terminal block for connection of external power supply unit (not included)
    Integrated bus coupling unit with bus connection via bus terminal
    Ethernet connection via RJ45 socket
    Mounting on DIN rail EN 60715-TH35-7.5

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