Шлюз TWIN 141/31, 2x64 DALI ЭКГ, датчики 32 группы

Код товара: 218179
Артикул: SM:5WG1141-1AB31

Шлюз TWIN 141/31, 2x64 DALI ЭКГ, датчики 32 группы

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    Communication via KNX EIB with electronic ballasts (ECG) with a DALI interface
    Two (2) DALI output acc. to IEC 60929, each for communication with up to 64 DALI ballasts and at least 10 sensors
    Integrated power supply with input voltage 110...240 V AC, 50...60 Hz or 120...240 V DC for powering the gateway electronics and DALI output
    Maximum DALI output voltage of 19 V, short circuit resistant
    Incorrect voltage detection during commissioning, whether incorrect power line is connected to a DALI output
    LC display for displaying operation mode and error messages
    Pushbutton for switching between bus and direct operating mode
    One pair of push buttons for switching On/Off of all connected DALI ballasts
    One LED per DALI output for status signal of all connected luminaries in direct mode
    Configurable assignment of max. 128 DALI ECG to max. 32 DALI groups, exclusive controlled in groups (switching, dimming, set dimming value) and feedback for group status and lamp failure
    Configurable behaviour for bus failure (stand-alone mode)
    Control (switching, dimming, set dimming value) of all connected luminaries together in broad-cast mode
    Status signal and display of lamp and ECG failure per group and per DALI device
    Possibility to reintegrate defective DALI ECG without software
    One or two level timer
    Integrated scene control for up to 32 scenes
    16 integrated 2-level-controller for brightness control
    Assignment of DALI ECG to groups and test option for ECG, groups and scenes via ETS during commissioning
    Assignment of DALI sensors and test option of sensors via ETS during commissioning
    Integrated bus coupling unit with only half a standard bus load, bus connection via bus terminal
    Mounting on DIN rail EN 60715-TH35-7.5

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