Интеллектуальный оптический детектор дыма в воздуховоде

Код товара: 50988
Артикул: HN:DNRE

Интеллектуальный оптический детектор дыма в воздуховоде

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    Интеллектуальный оптический детектор дыма в воздуховоде.

    Smoke introduced into this air duct system will be distributed throughout the
    entire building. Smoke detectors designed for use in air duct systems are used
    to sense the presence of smoke in the duct.
    Model DNRE Air Duct Smoke Detector utilizes photoelectric technology for
    the detection of smoke. This detection method, when combined with an efficient
    housing design, samples air passing through the duct and allows detection
    of a developing hazardous condition. When sufficient smoke is sensed,
    an alarm signal is initiated at the fire control panel monitoring the detector,
    and appropriate action can be taken to shut off fans, blowers, change over air
    handling systems, etc. These actions can facilitate the management of toxic
    smoke and fire gases throughout the areas served by the duct system.
    The DNRE incorporates a sensor cover tamper feature that provides a trouble
    signal at the panel immediately if the cover is removed or improperly installed.
    Proper installation of the sensor cover removes the trouble condition.
    When programmed with the system control panel, two LEDs on each duct
    smoke detector light to provide local visible indication.

    Operating Temperature: –20° to 60° C
    Storage Temperature: –30° to 60° C
    Humidity: 0% to 93% Relative Humidity Non-condensing
    Air Velocity: 1.5 to 20.3 m/sec.
    Rectangular Footprint Dimensions: 37 cm L ? 12.7 cm W ? 6.36 cm D
    Square Footprint Dimensions: 19.7 cm L ? 22.9 cm W ? 6.35 cm D
    Weight: 0.73 kg

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